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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  July 7, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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good morning. i'm storm team four meteorologist. get ready for our hottest day in two weeks. >> i'm kristin wright at the live desk with details of a man who inspired a nation now at the center of a shocking investigation. why police spent the morning searching his home. >> a shocking crime at the metro station in broad daylight. new details. >> a game changer could one small change to a road change your commute? news 4 midday starts right now. >> developing right now,
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subway's jarod under investigation for child pornography. his home raid bid federal and state agents. it's in indiana. you can see there agents taking away computers and other electronics from the house. subway spokesman jarod is detained right now, not arrested. the executive director of his foundation was arrested a few months ago in april. he is charged with making and having child pornography. the indiana internet crimes against children's task force is leading this investigation. we'll keep watching. >> thank you, christen. right now one person is in the hospital with serious burn injuries after a house fire in bethesda. chopper four was over the scene on howell road a short time ago. they say the fire started in the basement and the home was under construction. we are working to learn more about the fire and we'll have an
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update later this hour. >> we've learned new details about the 18-year-old accused of strapping a man to death on a train. police arrested jasper spires. they say he killed kevin southerland on july 4th. we have learned that spires also robbed an elderly couple that day and was arrested on a robbery charge last week. prosecutors didn't have enough evidence against him so they let him go one day before the killing. you can follow us on twitter as spires heads to court today. right now, we have hazy sun shine pouring down on the metro area. a live view from the tower camera. a few clouds beginning to build a little bit but the humidity is high. radar scanning the sky, not seeing any rain anywhere in the vicinity from the mountains all the way to chesapeake bay. sun shine due to bermuda high
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pressure giving us a south westerly flow. fredericksburg, 85. metro, low 80s. around the bay upper 70s and low 80s. shenandoah valley hovering in the low 80s to near upper 70s and out of the mountains generally in the upper 70s to eighty degrees. the heat is on. >> it is. >> there's new anger today from people who have defended bill cosby against dozens of accusations of rain. that's after damming testimony was just released. he admitted he bought drugs to give young women he wanted to sleep with in a case that was settled in 2006. the accusers they they'll use it against him in defamation suits. one who defended him says now he's disgusted by the testimony. >> driving on the beltway in northern virginia about to get a
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little smoother. we now have the option of driving on the left shoulder of the inner loop during the morning and evening rush hours. we are live on the beltway to show us where this is happening. meghan? >> reporter: this is just on the inner loop the end of the express lanes. we're going to start driving here and show you exactly the location. this is from the express lanes end just past tysons and drivers need to start merging onto the regular lanes. it can be quite a choke point as people try to get over to the right when the lanes, the express lanes end. they are now allowing you to drive at certain times on the left shoulder hoping that will help ease the congestion. the express lanes can save time. here we are cruising along at 7:40 this morning. those guys to the right, they're moving much slower in the regular lane. the only problem is just after
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tysons, the interloop express lanes end, and the merge is quite a choke point. but this morning came a little relief. see the big green arrow sign? it means you can now drive on the left hand shoulder during rush hour. an extra lane to ease the merge. >> it hopefully help traffic by a smidge. we'll see. >> i think it should help because there's always large traffic coming from the express lanes onto the regular lanes. i think it's a good idea. >> reporter: the new shoulder lanes runs from the end of the inner loop express lanes to the gw parkway. drivers can use it from 7:00 to 1:and from 2:00 to 8:00 p.m. look for the rararrows. a little while ago we saw the red xs start to go up so you
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can't use the shoulder lane anymore. this one is still green. once they close it completely down, it won't reopen until 2:00 this morning. it's going to take a while to get used to but hopefully it will help. >> thank you, meghan. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a five-car crash that shut down part of the george washington parkway in mclane. you can see a silver suv in the ditch. the crash happened this morning in the southbound lanes between the beltway and turkey run. we're working to see if anyone was hurt. ? this morning a fire destroyed their homes. this fire on silver park terrace displaced people. the fire started on the top floor of the building last night but they're working to figure out how. and right now closing arguments under way for a man
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charged on ordering a hit on his uncle. he killed a man in the district in 2011. they say he had someone kill his uncle to keep him from testifying against him in the murder trial. two others are also facing murder charges in the death. you can follow us on twitter to stay up to date with the latest information and news from the courtroom today. >> right now waiting on a deal that could affect people's money all across the world and this is a story that everyone is talking about this morning. why a man risked his life and tied himself to dozens of balloons.
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the greek financial crisis is making headlines around the world and we wanted to help you understand what's going on with the four things to know about the impact the crisis could have. first thing, why we're here.
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greece owes tens of billions of euros to other countries that use that currency. they bailed out greece's banks twice in the last eight years but greece is running out of money and the citizens just voted to not accept any new bailouts. and greece could miss another big payment this month. that could lead to the grex it. greece would exit and return to pay other countries back. that takes us to number three, the leaders of the eurozone are meeting in belgium today. greece's prooipsime minister says he has another plan to keep greece afloat. if it doesn't work the value of the euro could plum et. financial experts say it could be as bad for the global economye collapsed creating a globa
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we want to confirm they're enrout. >> that's the sound of rescuers coordinating a frantic dash to help rescue people trapped in an ice cave collapse that happened yesterday at big four ice kaefs in washington state. one hiker was killed four others injured. some having crushing style injuries from the weight of the falling ice. right now we're standing by for a 1:00 p.m. press conference in dwran it falls. a different part of the cave gave way as tourists were taking video. they were warned to stay out of the cave because of the warm temperatures. some like it hot, including today's weather emoji. temperatures hotter than they've been in two weeks. reaching the 90s since the first time since june 23rd. the humidity is still in the air.
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turning less humid later in the day. low to mid 90s. and by 7:00 back down to the eighties with hazy sun shine. >> thank you, tom. if you haven't seen this video yet, i'll bet you'll want to see it. a man took a ride on a lawn chair. it's tied to dozens of helium balloons. this happened in canada. the man parachuted to safety and police promptly arrested him charging him with mischief. they also say the lawn chair still hasn't come down yet. maybe it's in orbit. it's incredible. you said this reminds you of the movie up. >> the little guy gets in his house and takes off. >> i never saw it. missed it. the key to your security might be a selfie. get ready for this one.
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a right now from the live desk, we're sorting out information coming out of a hearing on capitol hill about how the u.s. is going to fight isis. the senate armed services committee held the hearing. senator john mccain is the chairman. in his opening remarks he slammed the obama administration for touting progress against isis. >> when it comes to isil,
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president obama's comments showed delusion that characterizes the administration's thinking. >> meanwhile isis is attacking kurdish forces in iraq. a u.s. coalition there is launching strikes against them. in the pentagon briefing, president obama said the u.s. is doing a good job of preventing large scale attacks in the u.s. but that lone wolf terrorists or small cells that we've been hearing about have been hard tore er to the dekt. >> nuclear talks with ironan bust through another deadline day. this is supposed to be the final round of bargaining. now the state department wants to extend talks another three days. the conversations have been challenging. secretary of state and his iranian counterpart will huddle
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once again today. the critical issue, tehran's willingness to inspections. >> today, it's been ten years since the 7-7 terror attacks in london. 50 people were killed and hundreds were hurt when four suicide bombers blew themselves up in coordinated attacks on public transit. >> this is one of the days where everybody remembers exactly where they were when they heard the news, and it's a day when we recall the incredible resolve and resolution of londoners in the united kingdom. >> bombing by islamic militants in western europe. >> we have two frightening reports of southwest airlines plans. in phoenix a plane forced a emergency landing again. they discovered a blown tire on the plane's mainlanding gear. the flight was headed to san
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francisco. on the other side of the country, a southwest flight landed after threat was received in mid flight. it landed in rhode island. we don't know the details of the threat but we know the plane was cleared after a search. breaking news right now. state senators in south carolina are giving the final approval to remove the confederate flag from the state capital grounds. this is a look at some video from earlier of those flags. now the proposal goes to the house for consideration. the measure would have to pass by a two-thirds majority there. south carolina governor urged lawmakers to remove the confederate flag following the killing of nine people in a church in charleston last month. >> and right now parts of las vegas are dyingrying out after heavy rains. the rain left the las vegas strip under water. fire crews had to rescue more
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than a dozen people from their cars. >> it's monsoon season in the desert southwest. right here, enough rain. temperature 83 at reagan national. south, near 80 in the shenandoah valley. in the mountains as well. a hot day under way. around the bay, the heat is on. easton, came bridge low to mid 80s. annapolis now at 78. later today the low to mid 90s in the metro area. chance of showers and downpours tomorrow and again on thursday and drying out on friday. back to you. >> all right. thank you tom. imagine taking a selfie every time you want to pay something with your credit card. may sound sill sliy but some say it's the next big thing in stopping identity theft.
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>> reporter: for selfie obsessed generation, mastercard's new credit card upgrade is part cyber security, more marketing. here's how it works. rather then a pin codes and pass words that might be stolen you provide a photo to make an online purchase. photos would be converted into a series of ones and zeros and stored on their computers. and to authenticate your identity for purchase you take a photo and blink. >> the technology is much more accurate. >> reporter: this is a facial recognition expert. on the left a photo of him at a hockey game. the computer searches for a match. in seconds it has it. in one photograph do you have your glasses and not on the other. >> it wasn't matter. it's looking for mathematical
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features for what it can use. and some of them are not discernible by a human being. skin color and eye shape may not matter. cyber security experts say it's an important upgrade but there are also serious concerns. >>. >> the safe is going to be translated into ones own zeros. those have got to be protected. that is information that belongs to me. it's now out of my control, and it could potentially be used by a hacker. >> and hackers are nothing if not determined. >> we're all an international connected network where we all trust each other to do credit card transactions. >> reporter: mastercard is also rolling out fingerprint recognition recognition, something apple day is using it as an authentication layer. now a new selfie layer. >> where is this technology going? >> it's going to be on mobile phones. you're going to be able to use it at gas stations or the dmv or
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maybe even at grocery stores at some point. you can already use it online. >> reporter: it's everywhere. in sixty-seconds why so many people are spending money on hockey this morning.
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caught on camera a man who tried to get away from police in florida in a high speed car chase heads to court today. the chase was caught an a camera. the officer tried to arrest the man near tampa on suspicious of drugs. the suspect was followed in the ground on on the air before he was stopped by spike sticks. officers found a gun and several ounces of marijuana in the car. >> today an announcement of a new plan to give people more access to solar energy. this is all about making sure
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underserved communities have access to new solar technologies that could save them money. mercy housing in d.c. and community housing partners are committed to installing the renewable energy. d.c. could invest up to $6 million in community solar for low income residentings this fall as part of the program. right now you can start picking what caps game you want to go to. single tickets went on sale about an hour ago. there are still plenty of tickets available. the caps sold out every home game last season so these seats can go more quickly than you might think. >> getting a new transit project up and running could mean fewer ways to access it.
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a developing story right now in tennessee where crews are
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cleaning up after the second freight train derailment in les than a week. four fares of a csx train came off the tracks near nashville last night. the rail cars were carrying packages of plastic shipment materials and steel. there was nothing hazards on board. last week a train was carrying toxic chemicals and caught fire prompting evacuations. the sun is heating us up and cooking up a few clouds. looking west from upper northwest washington, lots of sun shine pouring down. temperatures climbing from the 80s and the metro area high should be reaching low 90s in prince george's county. near 90 in montgomery county. closer to washington alexandria arlington falls church and the district low to midnights. first time into the 90s since back in june a couple of weeks ago. that's the way it looks. thank you, tom. four boys all under 13 are accused of starting a stadium
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fire in oregon. take a look. the fire broke out on june 29th at the eugene civic stadium. it's one of the few remaining wood stadiums in the country. police say they were playing on fire but it doesn't appear they meant to catch it on fire. some elevators at the proposed purple line station could be ant chopping block. they want to cut $210 million from the project. that could mean fewer station elevators and shorter station platforms. he also wants to change the wait time between trains. this is all part of 43 proposed budget cuts. hogan wants montgomery and prince george's county to pay more to get it done. the thermometer is climbing today. we'll have more.
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developing right now in bethesda, a man is in the hospital with serious burn injuries after fire broke out in his home. >> this all started a couple of hours ago at the home on howell road. zachary is there now. you learned a little bit about more about how this fire started that's right? >> you're right. we've learned now that this fire started in the basement. it was a furnace that actually
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kicked back a little bit of fire there and injured that worker downstairs. if you take a peek, you can see the montgomery fire department as well as a host of others are wrapping it up but it caused serious damage. this is a new build in bethesda. i'm told they tore down the existing house here about 85% done on this house and had plans to move in as early as the end of this month. i've always talked to a neighbor who said he saw folks bringing in concrete as they were getting things done and he looked up and saw smoke coming out. about 75 firefighters were out here today. they brought reinforcements because it is so hot out here today but again, we're told that extensive damage to this house primarily because of all the open spaces. again, one person injured. injuries to arms and face and hands. but he is expected to be all right. reporting live here in bethesda news 4.
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just in from an emergency meeting in brussels about greece's money problems. the country's finance minister apparently has shown up at this meeting with absolutely no plans on how to get out of debt. leaders of the eurozone, they were expecting ideas something from leaders of greece. the prime minister of the country is there at that meeting facing angry european leaders after he urged voters in greece to reject austerity measures to fix the debt crisis which they did. they voted against those measures. by the way, u.s. stocks fell on monday. some analysts think because of the situation in greece, the dow right now down about 1%. that meeting is going on right now in brussels. the prime minister apparently going for some sort of international bailout but some members of eurozone don't want to negotiate anything until greece comes up with something of their own.
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temperatures right now are climbing into the 80s from the mountains of west virginia, western maryland, and east of the blue ridge hitting the midnights from cull pepper. closer to washington nearby metro area yarks generally in the low 80s right around low to mid 80s in washington now and on the eastern shore too. it's a hot morning there with the humidity fairly high and feeling even hotter. afternoon highs reaching mid 80s. it will be in the low 90s and upper eighties around the chesapeake bay. north, right around 90 degrees. just a few clouds developing. humidity may drop a little bit during the afternoon lawyers for a quarter back said he was provoked before he hit a woman. some of this video is a bit disturbing. it shows a freshman quarter back and a woman jostling for a position at the bar.
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the woman appears to push or hit johnson and he swings back at her face. the player's lawyer said the woman was yelling racial slurs and kneed him in the groin. he was kicked off team. he said he is learning trying to learn from the experience. and police have raided the home of jarod from subway. the raid began early this morning. last april the executive director of the jarod foundation was arrested on child pornography charges. jarod has been the face of subway since he lost hundreds of pounds eating the chain's food. new anger this morning at bill cosby after the release of stunning testimony where he admits that he bought drugs to give to women that he wanted to sleep with. we want to warn you you might find some of this information disturbing.
11:35 am
we have the details of the admission. >> reporter: bill cosby admitting he obtained 7 prescriptions for drugs and gave them to other people. in documents from a 2005 case, he was being sued by a woman who aused him of drugging and sexually assaulting her. before he was settled out of the court he sat through a two-day deposition. when you got it was it in your mind you were going to use them for young women you wanted to have six with. he replied yes. but he avoided questions of who he gave hem to or whether he forced women to take drugs. did you ever give any of those young women them without their knowledge, he was asked. the attorney jumped in. do not answer that question. cosby described one encounter in las vegas. she meets me backstage. i give her the drugs. we then have sex. >> i wouldn't necessarily call this the smoking gun, but it is
11:36 am
corroboration for the fact that he used drugs when attempting to have sex with women. it does, in a sense, take the moral high ground from his position. >> reporter: for this woman who was one of 13 jane does in the case, it's vindication. >> it was a big sigh of relief, of hope, and looking forward to the next part of the journey because i think this is really just the beginning. >> reporter: in the documents the accuser's attorney is complaining to a judge that cosby's lawyer was turning the deposition into a carnival, the. plaintiff's attorney also said to cosby i think you're making light of a very serious situation. cosby replied that may very well be. we reached out to representatives of bill cosby and did not hear back. he has never been charged with any crime in connection with with sexual and drug allegations which he and his representatives have continued to deny. >> and the one thing trending on
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social media this morning is something you might not want to click on at work or
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watching today's big stories including this video you've probably all seen by now. a canadian man flew away in a lawn chair attached to the big balloons. that man was arrested. he said he did the stunt to promote his cleaning company. we found the company's facebook and twitter page and even though the video went viral he only has 102 likes on his facebook and twitter not many. i'm thinking the numbers are going to go up. you may see an uncomfortable challenge. people are showing videos of the don't fight me challenge. people draw fake freckles and unibrows on their faces and post a comparison to how they
11:39 am
normally look. some of the videos are offensive. be careful what you click on, especially if you're at work. thank you. for that. that trip to star bucks could cost you a little
11:40 am
star bucks are raising prices on some drinks by 5 to $0.20. a tall cup will cost $0.10 for. the hike comes as global coffee prices cool after hitting record highs last week in the wake of a drought in brazil. the coffee hike will affect fewer than 20% of customers. that's your cnbc morning report. >> temperatures are climbing into the 80s. later today low to mid 90s. a little less humid this afternoon. a lot of clouds around on
11:41 am
wednesday. afternoon showers and perhaps downpours with thunder and lightning. highs in the 80s. could get an afternoon thundershower. on friday, partly cloudy with highs right around 90 and looks like we'll repeat that again on saturday. partly cloudy up around 90. a couple of days in a row. we'll probably not see any rain. on sunday increasing clouds. low niepts in the afternoon. an isolated shower on sunday and then on monday there's the possibility of an afternoon thundershower as well. >> all right, tom. gas prices are going down again. oil and gas experts tell the ap gas could go under $2 a gallon sometime in the next few months. they say the economic cryisis could be the reason for the change. d.c. drivers are spending an average of $2.91 a gallon for gas. that's about 2.75 in maryland. and if you live in virginia an average gallon is about $2.57.
11:42 am
in west virginia a gallon is an average of 2. 80 for regular. >> i guess it's pretty good during the summer. >> a shocking moment on live tv that looks like something out of a movie. >> but now the mans his silence.
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>> right now we are following several developing stories for you. we are tracking the return of summer hot and we have new images of a house that exploded just within the past hour. >> but first a frantic search as tragedy unfoldsed in an ice cave. it's highlighting serious danger. john lang ler reports. >> reporter: from high above the disaster blow, it shows the frantic people hoping to free people from the collapsed ice cave. the sheriff's county office say they air lifted victims from the scene of the collapse. officials say three people were seriously injured and flown to a medical center. one juvenile was taken to a center in ef ret. one person died.
11:46 am
the caves are too unstable to get the victims out. collapses are nothing new. this is video from there just yesterday. no one was hurt but you can see the weight and the power when the ice gaves way. both the forest and the sheriff's office have warned people since may to stay away from the caves, that it's too warm and they could collapse. it was a warning that bail an unfortunate truth. >> breaking news right now into the live desk. it's a house explosion near pittsburgh. we have live pictures to show you of this scene right now. there is a chopper shot from our affiliate in pittsburgh. this is east of the city. a house explosion. you can see it was a big one because the home is literally torn apart. now, the ap reporting that everybody is okay. apparently everyone who was inside has been accounted for. this happened just a little
11:47 am
while ago just before 11:00 and just look at that. that house literally torn apart by some kind of explosion. that's the question right now. what caused this house explosion near pittsburgh. these details being determined right now. >> perfect pool weather. great beach weather today. no storms are out. storm team 4 radar scanning the sky. a few clouds building. no storms. likely no thundershowers or rain today. and we'll have temperatures quickly climbing by 1:00 much of the region around 90 degrees. by 4:00 hot in the low to mid 90s. much of the region with haze zi sun shine. maybe a little bit less humid as we get into the afternoon hours and for the early evening hours for the nationals reds game tonight, should be good baseball weather. mid to upper 80s during the game and just a few clouds floating on through. that's the way it looks. >> it's going to be one race five nascar fans will never
11:48 am
forget after being hit by flying car parts after a crash in daytona beach. the action came in the last lap of the coke zero 400. the number three car driven by austin dillon crashed into the outer catch fence. four people were treated at the track and one person was taken to the hospital. the daytona speedway uses restriction plates but reduced speed causes the cars to race in a tight pack. dill lon spoke about the safety of the plates in nascar. >> i know we think to see the tight racing. the packed racing is cool for the racing. i think the hardest part is you don't need the speed where we watch air. >> he says he will be back behind the wheel this weekend. you can watch the quaker state
11:49 am
400 from kentucky right here on saturday night. >> right now the u.s. winning soccer team is getting ready for a rally. final preparations going on right now for the bigebration later today in l.a. new york city is also looking into the pocket of having a parade for the team. the today show did a poll this morning and 98% of people say the team should get a parade. why not? >> yeah. i vote for a parade. >> and dropping right now, word from the vienna that the state department wants to extent nuclear talks with iran for another three days. we have the latest on why talks are stalling. >> reporter: the u.s. has announced the iran talks are being extended for the third time. it's until friday. they are more concerned with the quality of the deal than with the calendar but this is a giant game with iran. neither side wants to appear too
11:50 am
eager and there's some concern with the u.s. that they were beginning to seem too eager. this while iran is upping the anti. wanting a lift in the arms embargo that stops them from selling conventional nonnuclear weapons. not the weapons being discussed at this talks. the u.s. says it's not relevant and worried that it would inflame the wars in syria and iraq. the problem is russia and china make money selling the weapons and they want to get back into the >> a lot of criticism at home that this is dragging on too long. cruz saying don't negotiate with what cruz called is vie will notolent enemy of america. this is getting complicated in terms of the politics back home. >> you can now drive on the
11:51 am
shoulder on part of the beltway in virginia. from the end of the express lanes on the beltway to the gw parkway, it's about a mile and a half. the shoulder will open in the morning and evening commute. keep an eye for the green arrows and the red xs to know when you can use the lanes. >> want to slim down? oreos with
11:52 am
orror owe is about to get a little thinner. the oreo thins will be in stores next week. they're a little lower in calories than the original. >> you may not like the odds in this next story. power ball is changing the rules to make it harder to win the jackpot but you have a better chance to win a smaller cash prize. the overall chances are 1 in 25.
11:53 am
the chances of winning the jackpot will be about 1 in more than 292 million. it's to increase the chances of winning any prize. the new rules into into effect on october. >> the pictures you post on social media are about to clearer.
11:54 am
your instagram photos may soon look clearer and brighter. the popular photo sharing app is rolling out new software that will allow high resolution images. users will get an update when the software is fully useful. instagram made the changes to keep up with the newer smart phones. breaking news right now into the live desk. defense officials tell nbc news
11:55 am
that there has been a midair collision. reports of a midair collision between an air force f-16 and a cessna private plane. we're told this collision happened about 11 miles north of charleston, south carolina. as far as the pilot, reports say that the military pilot did safely eject from the f-16 before it crashed. the status of the cessna and the pilot or anyone on board the cessna and anybody on the ground at this point is unknown. just breaking news now into the live desk. a midair collision between an air force f-16 and a private plane in south carolina. we'll continue to follow that story. you may see a lot of photos of the statue of liberty tonight. why? well, the lights of lady liberty will shine brighter than ever starting tonight. she has some new lights. in the new l.e.d. lights are much
11:56 am
brighter and use less energy. right now temperatures mid and upper 80s. reagan national up to 80 degrees and sun shine. it's continuing to climb from the bay to the mountains to the low to mid 90s with hazy sun shine. afternoon showers and downpours with thunder and lightning. friday and saturday, storm team 4 seven day outlook, best day for outdoor recreation is saturday. sunday chance of afternoon storms highs reaching the low 90s. >> we're in the summer heat again. >> in the heat. that's it for news 4 midday. >> and you can get news and weather updates to our app.
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>> jj: take a hike. >> watts: i don't think so. >> jj: what the hell are you doing? >> watts: you wanna do this the hard way, huh? >> jj: who are you? >> watts: calm down. >> jj: let go of me. >> watts: i need backup here. >> jj: let go of me. >> eve: all right. well, no doubt about it. jenny's momma was schizo and so was her grandma. no wonder she was so terrified that she would end up nutso like she is today. i just need to find the right drug that's going to mimic the right symptoms. and then when jenn-jenn is